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Sarpmitra Snake Saver  (Get Educated-Grow Awareness-Save Snakes)

  • If Found Snake, please don't kill them, just call nearest Sarpmitra | Snake catcher | Snake Friend or Snake Rescuer in your District or Forest Department Number. You can search for nearest Sarpmitra numbers on our website Sarpmitra.com and This website is Specially Designed to Grow Awareness and Education among Public for Snakes by Eradicating Myths and Misconception about Snakes.Snake bite Information and Effective remedies and proper treatment to be taken when snake Bites.  
  • Website refers to Sarpmitra.com accessible from https://www.sarpmitra.com/
  • Sarpmitra.com  intends to provide correct Sarpmitra | Snake catcher | Snake Friend or Snake Rescuer numbers from many district and states.The information and data in the Website are generic in nature. Our efforts are to offer accurate and correct helpline numbers and clear data. And Sarpmitra.com is not affiliated to any organization or company or Government organization. Neither we are not responsible for any sort of discrepancies.
  • Sarpmitra.com is an Independent Website and Not Related With Government , All Information Provided is for Awareness Only Without Any Liability on Our Part. And Not a Subsitute for Proper Legal Advisory. 

  • Information Are Copyright of Their Respective Owners , and We Do Not Vouch for Accuracy as Information Tends to Change Over Period of Time.

  • www.Sarpmitra.com/  will not be liable for any damages experienced in connection with the use of our website.

If you have any questions or query. You can contact us:At
  • Can Email Us at: sarpmitra21@gmail.com


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